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5 fast facts about hanfords retail climate

A High Level View of Hanford's Retail Climate 

Five Fast Facts

  1. A diverse, young, and growing population*

    -Median age: 34.7
    -Median household income: $61,914
    -55% Latino, 31% White, 7% Black, 3% Asian, 4% other
    -2022 estimated population: 180,408
    -2027 estimated population: 190,566
    *Includes entire Hanford Custom Trade Area

  2. Walmart a top 10 in CA

    -Mobile data collection shows that Hanford's Walmart is the 8th busiest in the state.
    -The store has an estimated 434,947 annual visits.
    -Data from Sitewise

  3. Costco a regional draw

    -Mobile data collection shows that Hanford's Costco ranks 61 out of 124 CA stores in visits-an estimated 239,000 annually. 
    -The Hanford Costco has been open since 2016.
    -Data from Sitewise

  4. A land of opportunity

    -Birmingham, Alabama-based Retail Strategies has identified the types of merchandise being purchased outside of Hanford's Custom Trade Area. Here are the top three "opportunity gaps."
    1. Clothing & Clothing Accessories 
    2. Building Material and Garden Equipment 
    3. Food Services and Drinking Places

  5. An appetite for more amenities
    -More than 2,800 people participated in a food services and drinking places survey. Here's the restaurants they want the most:

    1. Olive Garden
    2. Chick-fil-A
    3. BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse
    4. Yard House
    5. Cracker Barrel

Five Fast Facts (PDF)

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