Upcoming Annexations

Hanford Reorg

Hanford Reorganization Project

As part of the Hanford Reorganization Project, the City of Hanford will annex several pieces of land into the City from the Kings County jurisdiction. On April 18, 2023, Hanford City Council awarded a contract to QK, Inc, to provide planning and environmental services for the project. That process could take up to nine months.

Substantially Surrounded Islands Annexation

The City has identified three substantially surrounded islands that may be annexed into the City without protest.

Future Island Annexations Map (PDF)

Heroes Park Annexation

The City received a Proposition 68 grant to build Heroes Park. Currently, the land identified for the park is outside of City limits. The City is proposing to annex the land and some adjacent properties.

Industrial Park Expansion Annexation

City Council directed staff to expand the Industrial Park, located to the south of the City.

Hanford Reorganization Project Scope-Map (PNG)