June 4th, 2020

We are acutely aware of the tragic events that transpired on May 25, 2020 in Minneapolis. The chain of events that led to the death of George Floyd were shocking; not just to the public but also to the law enforcement community. "I have yet to speak to an officer that thought what transpired was justified," said Police Chief Parker Sever. To the contrary, one officer he spoke with said, "Chief, if I ever do that I hope you will not wait 3 days to arrest me." The Hanford City Council stands with the Hanford Police Department in solidarity against such behavior towards any and all citizens.

We understand how upsetting this is and how it has spurred protests across our nation. Locally, we have been contacted by members of our community concerned about protests planned in our area. We are aware of these planned events and we respect the rights of our citizens to peacefully assemble and voice their concerns and frustrations. We expect local protests to be peaceful and that those participating will, in turn, respect the property, rights, and concerns of those they encounter. When protests turn into unlawful assemblies, the very reason for the protest can be lost in the criminal activity of some participants.

The Hanford Police Department is prepared to protect all of our citizens whether they are choosing to protest, operate a business or otherwise actively engaged in any legal activity. Our officers, dispatchers and other professional staff work hard every day to protect the rights of our whole community and we are proud of the work they do in our community.

The City of Hanford is proud of our resident's long history of community activism and will continue to respect and support the rights of all of our citizens.

 Parker Sever, Chief of Police

John Draxler, Mayor

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