Staff Directory

Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Administration - City Manager Mario Cifuentez City Manager (559)-585-2516
Administration - City Clerk Sarah Martinez City Clerk (559)-585-2515
Administration - Information Technology Eric Forcey Information Technology Manager (559)-585-4746
Administration - Information Technology Jeffrey Willis Computer Technician (559)-585-2518
Community Development Darlene Mata Community Development Director (559)-585-2590
Community Development - Building Division Michael Coelho Building Inspector (559)-585-2032
Community Development - Building Division Kris McRae Permit Specialist (559)-585-2581
Community Development - Building Division Chrystina Arms Development Services Assistant (559)-585-2580
Community Development - Building Division Frank Rocha Building Inspector (559)-585-2585
Community Development - Building Division Robert Sutton Building Inspector (559)-585-4795
Community Development - Building Division Thomas Webb Building Official (559)-585-2584
Community Development - Code Enforcement Ruth Belmonte Code Compliance Officer (559)-585-7167
Community Development - Housing Division Sandra Martinez Admin Analyst (559)-585-4766
Community Development - Housing Division Roberta Monzelli Admin Support Tech (559)-585-2587
Community Development - Planning Division Diana Black Development Services Technician (559)-585-4768
Community Development - Planning Division Gabrielle Myers Senior Planner (559)-585-2578
Finance Paula Lofgren Finance Director (559)-585-2506
Finance - Accounting Penny Sutphin Accounting Tech (559)-585-2507
Finance - Accounting Alicia Eaton Accounting Clerk (559)-585-2502
Finance - Accounting Olivia Morales Accounting Clerk (559)-585-2512
Finance - Utility Billing Alejandro Solorio Accountant (559)-585-2504
Finance - Utility Billing Victoria Arieas Accounting Tech (559)-585-2509
Finance - Utility Billing Danika Anderson Accounting Clerk (559)-585-2508
Finance - Utility Billing Amy Rodriguez Accounting Clerk (559)-585-2511
Finance - Utility Billing Gerardo Salinas Accounting Clerk (559)-585-2510
Fire Department Steve Pendergrass Fire Chief (559)-585-2145
Fire Department Erik Brotemarkle Battalion Chief (559)-585-2593
Fire Department Isaac Buller Battalion Chief (559)-585-2146
Fire Department Gloria Beltran Admin Support Tech (559)-585-2545
Parks and Recreation Alvin Dias Parks Superintendent (559)-585-2031
Parks and Recreation Armando Da Silva Recreation Supervisor (559)-585-2529
Parks and Recreation Rosa Contreras Admin Support Tech (559)-585-2525
Human Resources Sarah Cardoza Human Resources Manager (559)-585-2521
Human Resources Stephanie Jones Human Resources Analyst (559)-585-2522
Human Resources Maria De Santiago Admin Support Tech (559)-585-2520
Parks and Recreation Junior Perreira Sports Coordinator (559)-585-2528
Police Department Parker Sever Police Chief (559)-585-4733
Police Department Karl Anderson Captain (559)-585-4741
Police Department Greg Freiner Lieutenant (559)-585-4740
Police Department James Lutz Lieutenant (559)-585-4720
Police Department Della Martin Admin Support Tech (559)-585-4731
Police Department Albert Cano Sergeant
Police Department Justin Vallin Sergeant
Police Department Stephanie Huddleston Sergeant
Police Department Chad Allen Sergeant
Police Department Gabriel Jimenez Sergeant
Police Department Dale Williams Corporal
Police Department Frank Martinez Corporal
Police Department James Edlund Sergeant
Police Department Christifer Barker Corporal
Police Department Jason Stingley Corporal
Police Department Richard Pontecorvo Detective (559)-585-4724
Police Department Per Westlund Officer
Police Department Keith "Mitch" Smith Officer
Police Department Lawrence Diener Officer
Police Department Ryan Tomey Detective (559)-585-4725
Police Department Jean Michel Bidegaray Officer
Police Department Mark Carrillo Officer
Police Department Brent McCreary Officer
Police Department Jeffrey Davis Officer
Police Department Brian Scandura Officer
Police Department Nathaniel Estrada Officer
Police Department Joshua Shearer Officer
Police Department Angel Martinez Officer
Police Department Joshua Ragsdale Officer
Police Department Kevin Wheat Officer
Police Department Jason Gustin Detective (559)-585-4723
Police Department Sean Snodgrass Officer
Police Department Juan Hernandez Officer
Police Department Larry Leeds Officer
Police Department Nancy Gallegos Officer
Police Department Jonathan Rivera Officer
Police Department Francisco Amador Officer
Police Department Jarred Cotta Officer
Police Department Raymond Dias Detective (559)-585-4767
Police Department Rolando Jaime Officer
Police Department Joshua Levin Officer
Police Department Broderrick Johnson Officer
Police Department Daniel Todd Officer
Police Department Dennis Vargas Officer
Police Department Steven Sitter Officer
Police Department Alsie Ortega Officer
Police Department Damon Perryman Officer
Police Department Chad Medeiros Officer
Police Department Patrick Jurdon Officer
Police Department Fabian Avalos Officer
Police Department - Records Maribel Stinson Records Supervisor (559)-585-4721
Police Department - Records Audrey Irby Records Assistant (559)-585-4856
Police Department - Records Heather Feleppa Records Assistant (559)-585-4754
Police Department - Records Jennifer Young Records Assistant (559)-585-4755
Public Works - Airport Robert Loogman Airport Manager (559)-585-2589
Public Works - Refuse Ryan Choate Refuse Supervisor (559)-585-2586
Public Works - Fleet Tom Bettencourt Fleet Superintendent (559)-585-2554
Public Works - Building Maintenance Randy Shaw Building Superintendent (559)-585-2148
Public Works - Streets Russ Sterling Streets Superintendent (559)-585-2565
Public Works Johnathan Doyel Public Works Director (559)-585-2571
Utilities and Engineering Lisa Dock Deputy City Engineer (559)-585-2555
Utilities and Engineering Shawn Dailey Senior Engineering Technician (559)-585-7166
Utilities and Engineering Debbie Fowler Senior Administrative Analyst (559)-585-2563
Utilities and Engineering Virginia Reitsma Admin Support Tech (559)-585-2550
Utilities and Engineering Betty Venegas Admin Support Tech (559)-585-2551
Utilities and Engineering - Utilities Division Bob Williams Utilities Supervisor (559)-585-2560
Utilities and Engineering - Utilities Division Christine Baca Water Conservation Technician (559)-585-2552
Utilities and Engineering - Waste Water Treatment April Engen-Garza Lab Technician (559)-585-7165