Francisco Ramirez

Francisco Ramirez

Council Member
District D

Term: 2014-2018

Francisco Ramirez was born and raised in Hanford. Happily married for over 14 years, he is the loving father of two wonderful daughters. As a devoted husband and father, he promises to extend the same commitment to the community which he represents. 

Francisco Ramirez vows to improve the state of public safety in Hanford. The family-oriented activities he plans on implementing will find the youth of the community in constructive, positive environments. He envisions establishing one ambulance substation in each City District. This will ensure that paramedics arrive on scene in a more timely manner, without taxing the already overworked Hanford City Fire Department. 

An obstacle-free working relationship with small businesses is on his list of priorities. Streamlining any permit processes which small business owners need to go through, as well as promoting the fact that the citizens of Hanford are among the least taxed in the San Joaquin Valley, will encourage more businesses to come into the community, thus strengthening the local economy. 

Francisco Ramirez is looking forward to serving the citizens of this great community. From a business point of view, he is dedicated to re-branding the City of Hanford, and making it an alluring place to visit. He welcomes any ideas, comments, or concerns.