Alarm Systems

The city of Hanford requires that all residential and business alarm systems be registered with the police department pursuant to Hanford Municipal Code Section 8.04. The use of residential and business alarm systems is regulated by the Hanford Municipal Code for the safety and security of all citizens. 

Each user of an alarm system is required to complete an alarm registration form and pay the required registration fee. The fee for a residential alarm is $20 for initial registration and then $10 for annual renewal thereafter. The fee for a business alarm is $30 for initial registration and then $10 for annual renewal thereafter.  Annual renewal fees are due in January of each year. Failure to register an alarm system with the Hanford Police Department will result in a $50 per day fine for each day the alarm system remains unregistered.

Each year the Hanford Police Department responds to hundreds of false alarms caused by either misuse of the alarm system, pets crossing the path of  a motion detector or other problems with a system. Each false alarm generates a priority call to the police department and requires officers to respond to the scene.

The Hanford Municipal Code contains penalties for false alarms. Each alarm user is credited with three free false alarms per calendar year (January to December).  Fines are assessed beginning with the fourth false alarm each year and increase in amount as false alarms continue. Fines for false alarms are as follows:

Fourth False Alarm  $50.00
Fifth False Alarm  $75.00
Sixth and Subsequent False Alarms  $100.00

The links below contain the residential and business registration forms, as well as, a copy of the specific section of the Hanford Municipal Code that regulates the use of burglar alarms. If you have not registered your alarm system, please do so today by printing the appropriate registration form and submitting it to the Hanford Police Department. Please also read the requirements of the Hanford Municipal Code so that you are aware of your responsibilities as an alarm user. If you have any questions, contact the Hanford Police Department at 559-585-2535.