Mission Statement
"To protect residents and visitors of Hanford from conditions that would pose a threat to life,environment, and property by utilizing aggressive prevention techniques and, when needed, respond to all emergencies in a safe, swift, and efficient manner."

ChiefEkkresizeChristopher Ekk is the Fire Chief for the City of Hanford and has been with the department for 15 years. He was promoted to Fire Chief in March 2015. His service record includes Administrative experience in operations/suppression, training, emergency preparedness, disaster response and public education. Past positions held by Chief Ekk have been Firefighter, Engineer, Captain and Battalion Chief. Chief


  • 2004 Associate of Science in Fire Technology - Fresno City College
  • 2005 Bachelor of Arts in Management and Organizational Development - Fresno Pacific University
  • 2007 Master of Science in Emergency Services Administration - California State University, Long Beach
  • 2012 Four year Executive Fire Officer Program - National Fire Academy, Emmitsburg, Maryland

Chief Ekk also holds certifications of Chief Officer- California State Fire Marshal, Executive Fire Officer - National Fire Academy. Chief Ekk is a member of International Association of Fire Chiefs and California Fire Chiefs Association.

Fire Chief
Chris Ekk

Serving the Community since 1891
Since 1891, the Hanford Fire Department has served the community with emergency and non-emergency services. We provide the service from two fire stations covering Hanford’s 14 square mile area. Station 1 is located at 350 W. Grangeville Boulevard and Station 2 at 10553 Houston Avenue.  Hanford is divided into two fire response districts, Station 1 covers the city limits north of Hwy 198 and Station 2 covers the city limits south of Hwy 198.

The fire department consists of three divisions; Administration, Suppression and Prevention.

Fire Administration consists of the Chief, Deputy Chief, Battalion Chief/Fire Marshal, Fire Inspector and the Administrative Support Technician. The Fire Chief directs all activities and is accountable for all actions concerning the department. The Chief reports directly to the City Manager and City Council.

Fire Suppression and Emergency Response
A total of 25 personnel make up three suppression shifts. Each shift works a 24 hour day from two fire stations. Each shift consists of two Captains, two Engineers and four to five Firefighters. The Hanford Fire Department responds to approximately 4,400 emergency and non-emergency incidents per year. Emergency medical calls make up the majority of our responses.  In a medical emergency, one fire unit will respond with a minimum of two personnel trained to the level of Emergency Medical Technician Defibulator (EMT-D).

A minimum of seven and maximum of nine paid fire fighting personnel, supplemented with volunteer firefighters, respond to the typical structure fire call. If a fire overwhelms the first arriving on scene crews, a general alarm or mutual aid with neighboring fire departments is activated, which summons all off duty personnel and/or neighboring fire departments to the incident.

The Hanford Fire Department is capable of responding to other situations such as hazardous material incidents, high and low angle rescues, confined space emergencies, vehicle accidents, public assists, state-wide mutual aid responses and disaster management. Crews are on duty 24-hours a day, 365 days per year. 

Prevention and Suppression
The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for controlling hazards in our community that would lead to loss of life or property by fire, hazardous materials incident or any other emergency situation that may occur. To accomplish this task the Battalion Chief/Fire Marshal and Fire Inspector enforce various codes and perform public safety educational programs.

The Hanford Fire Department enforces the 2007 California Fire Code, 2007 California Building Code, the Hanford Municipal Code and the State of California Health and Safety Code. Inspection of occupancies may be performed annually, bi-annually, monthly, or quarterly depending on the type of inspection and type of building use. Plans for new buildings are checked for proper adherence to the adopted codes prior to construction.

Another effective tool used against fire and life loss is our Public Education Program. The best firefighting force is the community itself. The more informed the public has about fire and life safety, the safer that community will be. The Inspector and suppression personnel present safety programs to all parts of the community. Fire and Burn Safety, Holiday Safety, CPR, Earthquake/Disaster Preparedness and Poison Safety are some of the topics the Hanford Fire Department offers. The fire department performs over 200 presentations each year.

The fire department’s Prevention and Suppression Division personnel are concerned with our community’s safety. We are here to assist not only in emergencies but to answer questions pertaining to services we offer, and other life safety issues.                                                                                

For questions and/or requests about our programs, please call (559) 585-2545.