Fire Chief's Message

Upon entering the City of Hanford you are struck with a sense of historical significance, of strong family values, and pride in past, present, and future. In 1891, following catastrophe, forward thinking citizens sought to prevent such an event from occurring again and the Hanford Fire Department was formed. Memorabilia lines the walls of the stations, showing the appreciation and respect for the firefighters who served and sacrificed before. The men and women of Hanford Fire Department are dedicated to uphold the values, quality of service, and ethical leadership of their ancestry.


I am honored, and humbled, to be chosen to lead this group of professionals, paid and volunteer, for the Hanford Fire Department (HFD). Our goal is to provide the greatest level of service to everyone we come in contact with, whether in an extreme emergency or simply to answer a question. As your Fire Chief, I promise to represent the City, the Department, and the citizens with integrity, honor, and loyalty. My expectations of HFD is, and always will be, to be a community partner in prevention, response, and education. My expectation of the community is to be an equal partner with HFD; to call when you are in need, to speak up when you have questions, and to expect quality and professional service when we respond. We are not perfect but our commitment to excellence makes us stronger, especially with an engaged community partnership.

Much has advanced in HFD this last year: 

  • Automatic Aid agreements with adjacent agencies 

  • The opening of Station 3 on 12th Ave 

  • The hiring of 3 additional firefighters through grant funding 

  • The purchase of a new ladder truck 

  • The hiring of a new Fire Chief

Current projects to continue providing quality service to our customers:

  • Developing a staffing plan to address the impacts from opening of the new station 

  • Promotions 

  • Researching and developing fiscal strategies to maintain solvency of the department 

  • These are just a few of the tasks ahead of HFD

I appreciate your time in visiting this site. I now invite you to visit your stations and meet your crews. I am grateful for the opportunity to lead the men and women of Hanford Fire Department as their Fire Chief.

Steve Pendergrass