Cannabis Information

Beginning july 12, 2021, the city of hanford will be accepting commercial cannabis business applications for open permits on a continuous basis.

All application materials detailed below must be turned into the Community Development Department to begin the process. We will only be accepting applications for open licenses that have been allowed by the City Council. Currently the City has the following allowed licenses.

  • Cultivation - Unlimited
  • Manufacturing - Unlimited
  • Lab Testing - Unlimited
  • Distribution - Unlimited
  • Micro-business - Unlimited
  • Dispensary Storefront - 2 (Both currently filled, additional not allowed at this time)
  • Dispensary (non-storefront) - 2 (Both currently filled, additional not allowed at this time)

All applying candidates, whether it is competitive or not,  for the available permits, will have to pass the same outlined application process.  Failure to score high enough during the application process will result in the applicant not being considered for a permit.

Cannabis Contact Person(s):
Parker Sever, Chief of Police

Gabrielle Myers

Cannabis Application Process

Cannabis Background Application

Cannabis Permit Application

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Zoning Verification Letter Application

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