How much does a business license or permit cost?

As of January 1, 2022, all business licenses are issued on an annual basis, (January-December). The license fee for your first year of business will be the minimum payment. For a retail-based business the fee is $20 (or $40 if the business is located in the improvement district). If your business is a sub-contractor - $40, General Contractor - $60, if professional or other set rate business we can determine the fee for you when you sign up for your business license. The payment due date is January 31st. For Gross Receipt category licenses, fees are based upon the previous annual gross receipts. A $100 late fee will be applied after the January 31 due date, but will be reduced to $50 if paid within five business days. See Master Fee Schedule for a complete list of fees.

New Business License Application Processing Fee - $40

Administrative Fee for Renewals - $10

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