What do I need to start a business?

Depending on the type of business, location of the business, and former use of the building used for the business, various applications and permits may be required.

To understand the full list of requirements, please contact the Planning Division at (559) 585-2580 with the following information:

1. Location of the proposed business – Address or APN required

  1. Will the business be conducted from a residence?
  2. Will the business be conducted from a storefront?

2. Type of Business Proposed

Zoning will determine the uses allowed within the zone district.

The zoning map can be found here.

Land uses are permitted, as shown in the Land Use Table.

A site plan review may be required whenever there is a change in the occupancy of the building, determined by the former legal use. (i.e. Office to Restaurant; Retail to Office). Additionally a conditional use permit may be required, if the use is shown as a C in the Land Use Table.

If operating a home-based business, a Home Occupation Permit is required.

Home-based businesses and storefronts both require a Business License.

To apply for a home occupation permit and/or business license, please submit via the Citizen Self Service Portal.

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