Reimagining Hidden Valley Park

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Hundreds of Hanford residents have shared their vision for the future of Hidden Valley Park, including the vacant land that will become part of the park in approximately six months through the Hanford Reorganization Project. In May, the City advertised a community outreach campaign called Reimagining Hidden Valley Park, which encompassed three in-person events and a convenient and interactive online engagement tool called Prioritize.

Dozens of people attended the outreach events on May 27, June 1, and June 3. The online survey received 775 submissions in less than one month.

“The online survey far exceeded our expectations,” Parks and Community Services Director Brad Albert said. “To me, that says two things. The first is that many of our residents prefer taking a survey on their computer or phone, and because of that, we plan to continue offering it as an option for future outreach. Second, it confirms what we already know—that people remain passionate about Hidden Valley Park. They jumped at the opportunity to share their design preferences for the park, and I thank them for their valuable contributions.”

The amenities with the most votes (in-person and online combined) are listed below.

AMENITY    Total (in-person and online)

Walking and Biking Trails (655)

Innovative Playground (372)

Picnic Arbors (278)

Interactive Playground (266)

Basketball Courts    237

Splash Pad (236)

Ninja Course (236)

Fishing Pond (223)

Pump Track (191)

Golf Driving Range (176)

Note: Disc Golf and Senior Playground were included as amenities at in-person events, but not online.

The City included five support feature options as part of the outreach campaign. Those results are listed below.

SUPPORT FEATURE    Total (in-person and online)

Park Lighting (543)

Park Restrooms (473)

Parking Lot (240)

Creative Park Seating (212)

Public Art (173)

“Our community’s response to the engagement events and survey was incredible,” Hanford Mayor Travis Paden said. “Together, we are writing a new chapter on Hidden Valley Park, one that we can all enjoy for generations to come.”

Next, an engineering firm will be contracted to create a topographic map that shows park elements such as contours, vegetation, and utilities. City staff will also hire a landscape architect company to incorporate these top amenities and support features into several preliminary design concepts, integrating proposed phases and estimated costs. These materials are expected to be completed later this summer and will then be presented to the Parks & Recreation Commission and ultimately City Council for consideration and direction.

Staff will share important updates about Hidden Valley Park on the City’s website and through an email newsletter. Those who shared their email during the Reimagining Hidden Valley Park outreach campaign will be automatically subscribed. Others can be added by emailing Brian Johnson.