Problem Oriented Policing

The Problem Oriented Policing (P.O.P.) program, was funded through a Grant received from the Department of Justice and was instituted within the Hanford Police Department in 1997.

The P.O.P. program is designed to enhance the overall image of the Police Department through formal and informal contact with the community; to enhance the quality of life for all citizens; to exchange communications and ideas between citizen groups, service clubs and neighborhoods with crime prevention, criminal enforcement and a reduction of the crime rate being the ultimate result.

This specialized unit focuses on community involvement through creative partnerships with citizens to perform problem identification, crime analysis and selective enforcement. The purpose of the unit is to identify specific crime related problems within the community, target and address the issues and to work with the community to eradicate crime.

The POP Team can be contacted at 559-585-4701.
On July 20, 1998, the Hanford Police Department began the Crime Free Multi-Housing program. This is a comprehensive program designed to create partnerships amongst the police, property owners, and property managers, and to keep rental properties free of illegal activities. Participants are invited to attend awareness presentations dealing with gangs, narcotics, fire safety, legal issues regarding tenant eviction, liability issues and applicant screening. Site visits are conducted at each rental property site to ensure safety and compliance with the principles learned in the presentations. The purpose is to attract prospective tenants and discourage those who are unwanted.

Since its inception, the Crime Free Multi-housing project has empowered landlords with the legal knowledge to face issues in their complexes and provided them a direct pipeline to the Problem Oriented Policing staff on issues requiring law enforcement assistance. Calls for police service in multi-housing complexes have decreased by more than 50%, increasing the standard of living and safety of these important housing developments.

For further information regarding the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program, contact the Problem Oriented Policing (POP) office at 559-585-4701