Parks Division

The Park Division maintains the aesthetic and recreational value of all city parks totaling 163 acres; maintains the landscape in the city's median islands and various rights-of-way areas encompassing 37 acres; plans and performs enhancements within the Downtown District as part of the 2010 Downtown Streetscape Plan; provides maintenance within the Downtown District, Airport, Industrial Park, Youth Athletic Complex; maintains the Urban Forest to include planting, pruning and removing trees; Administers contracts and inspects the maintenance of 29 landscape assessment districts; assists the Recreation Department with facility preparation for special events and summer youth programs; performs high and low frequency safety inspections and repairs and/or replaces the city playgrounds as needed; and monitors, programs and repairs all city irrigation systems.

This division also maintains the City's Master Tree List.

The park maintenance division may be contacted at 559-585-2525 during normal business hours.